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AUD/NZD: Bears are driving the car, just sit in the car

AUD/NZD: Bears are driving the car, just sit in the car post thumbnail image

GENEARL OVERVIEW: The AUD/NZD crosses represent two Australasian currencies which often trade similarly against the other currencies due to similar geographical locations and high rollover rates. AUD/NZD holds bearish declines. The AUD/NZD is moving in a descendant channel currently facing a support barrier, where the lower limit of the channel with a horizontal level and a round number. A firm break under 1.0400 should clear the way to more losses and potential bearish acceleration.

The target might be seen at 1.0692. the bears are targeting downside in the market. The pair is moves towards idea of considering houses prices as the part of their consideration monetary policy. In contrast to the RBNZ the RBA is focusing on keeping short term yields close to the office clash rater and that could leave AUD yield slightly below NZD. This open pathway for the sellers on AUDNZD rallies higher as long as this divergence remains. The bears set for the deeper declines now.

TECHNICAL.ANALYSIS: From the technical point of view we can say that the pair is making the path towards the south side. It creating the negative volatility in market and negative momentum is been created. The bears are showing their aggression in the market and fall to level 1.0722 in current session .

The price pattern is also supporting the indicators to make bearishness in the market. The more downfall can be expected in the market. On the 4 hourly chart we can see that market is making the downfall in south side . The major line EMA are falling below the SMA lines. On the daily chart market is also making downward swings. As we have to follow the trend so we suggest our sellers to set in the sell side in market . The RSI is also showing the bearishness in market due to its falls below 50 line and the MACD is falling below the zero line and give sell signals.

The Current range of the market is 1.0729 and the support will be 1.0691 followed by 1.0658. the Resistance will be 1.0833 followed by 1.0860.

TRADE IDEA : Sellers should go for sell level 1.0725 followed target by 1.0680-1.0630 and stop loss will be 1.0770.

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