Cabana Capitals Blog Market Insights EURAUD: the pair has gaining upside momentum.

EURAUD: the pair has gaining upside momentum.

EURAUD: the pair has gaining upside momentum. post thumbnail image

General overview: EUR/AUD is showing bullish signs or retracement signals. This article reviews the bullish signs and analyses the two main scenarios for this currency pair. This indicates the end of the bearish price swing and the start of a bullish price swing. Overall the pair creating the bullish momentum in the chart and bullish trend is likely is established in today view. The broad risk-on move in the financial markets looks set to continue in the week ahead as optimism rises that US President Joe Biden will be able to push all or most of his stimulus program through Congress, that there will be an orderly transition of power in the US, and that the corona virus vaccine rollout globally will boost economic growth. As, due to the EUR is get boosted so we can say market will rise towards the bullish side in market. The buyers can make their investment towards the buy side in the market.

Technical Analysis: From the technical point of view we can say that market that towards the positive side in the market. The market stands towards the bullish side and makes the bulls aggressive and stands at the front foot and create the buy side for market. On the 4 hourly basis market find breakout at level 1.6062. From the certain point market will start rising .The market will get the more positivity after the level . The indicators I also supporting the price sections as RSI will also travel above 50 level and create the bullish signals for the market as the MACD will also travels above the zero line and create the buy sign for the market. The odds are in favors of the bulls. As, the minor EMA fall below the pairs and create the strong buy side. In this chart we can also see three white soldiers pattern as the investors will more confirmation for the buy side.

Trade idea: We can conclude from the content that investors should make their investment towards the buy level at 1.6062 and target will be 1.6100-1.6150 and Sl will be 1.6000.

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